Before I start on this passionate list (lol srsly I luv skincare♥) its no secret that I’ve had a mare with my skin this year so I’ve become even more conscious about what I put on it. I have combination/oily skin that usually treats me quite well only with the odd break out here and there until it absolutely flipped after my Caci Clinic experience (& then I gave it 4 seasons in 3 months moving from NZ winter to the end of Europe summer that quickly went into autumn and now back to winter). I’ve used the Environ range as my main skin care base for about 4 years now. My mum recommended me the brand and I started on it when I first moved to Auckland as my skin broke out badly in places it never has before and Environ has been my holy grail ever since. I’ve been making a *skin come back* so this list is products I’ve started incorporating into my routine along with some OG’s. I also push for you to do your own research before starting any new skincare, every one has different needs.



  • Environ pre cleansing oil (Skin Essential). I use this to get as much make up/grime off so the next step, cleanser, can get deeper into the skin.
  • Tribeca Skin Tonic “Glow” Oil. I use this some nights instead of moisturiser after cleansing, a few drops on the face and rolled for however long with my rose quartz roller. Its like a little treat for my skin! Feels great and leaves me, well, glowing.


  • Environ cleansing lotion (Skin Essential). An original personal fave that has worked for my skin.
  • Eve Lom cleanser. I first brought this in a mini size to take travelling and instantly fell in love with it. Used 2 mini sizes before finally committing to the 100ml. Gets literally everything off my skin (even fake tan) and feels really thorough.




  • Gucci Flora. This was my wedding scent! A nice light, sweet scent.
  • Byredo “Gypsy Water”. This is a newbie for me, I’m usually a sweet scent girl but I was drawn to this and its quite musky which I’m enjoying.
  • Ragdoll No8400. I brought this from Superette, a tiny little 15ml roll on which is another more musky smell that I absolutely love. Perfect to take travelling too.


  • &Other Stories Perle de Coco (the whole range) and Punk Bouquet hand soap. These smell like an actual luxurious tropical holiday.
  • Lush Snow Fairy body wash. Who doesn’t want to smell like a snow fairy? Also has a shimmer in it that I’m all for. It leaves my bathroom smelling so good for ages after my shower.
  • Kiel’s “Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution”. I’ve been using this before my moisturiser most mornings and nights and its been a slow burn but some of my dark spots/scarring have lightened and its such a good idea for a product that I’m going to stick with it a bit longer before making full judgement.
  • Rose Quartz Roller. I actually laughed at the packaging when I got this as it said “promotes self love” and I was like UH OKEH. BUT – its so relaxing to roll on oils, cleansers, serums etc. I roll for about 10-20mins and it gets product deep into my skin. You really do feel like you’ve done yourself a favour afterwards.
  • LiLash. I started using LiLash once I moved to France and didn’t have my amazing eyelash extensions anymore. It took about 4-6 weeks of everyday use for results but WOW the results have been amazing. My lashes are super long and I now only use it around once or twice a week to upkeep them. This product was a pleasant surprise that it actually works.
  • Tangle Teezer – The Wet Detangler and Salon Elite. I’ve used Salon Elite for 3 years and love it and have recently purchased the Wet Detangler which does such a good job! My new fave brush. Pain free, efficient brushing (its the small things eh).
  • Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. I’m not really schooled in using eye creams but I brought this one and use it most nights… its not too thick and surely its doing good?! No complaints.
  • Lush Bubblegum lip exfoliant. I love the Lush lip scrubs, this smells delicious and is a good tough sugar scrub. I use it after I put on a full face of make up or if my lips are dry (FYI – use the Frank lip balm afterwards and you would kiss yourself if you could).
  • Tan Luxe “The Face”. I purchased this a couple of months ago after stumbling across it on Instagram and I am so impressed by the results! The best tan for your face. A couple of drops with my moisturiser at night and I wake up in the morning glowing.
  • The Body Shop tea tree oil. I put a drop on top of spots to help them disappear.
  • Drunk Elephant Rise + Glow (B-Hydra intensive hydration gel & C-Firma day serum). I brought this as a mini pack for travelling and both the products compliment themselves nicely! Super lightweight and a blast of hydration for your face which is well needed 40,000ft in the sky or in a stuffy train.
  • Sephora foot masks. An absolute must when you’ve been on your feet all day! I first brought this after a full day of walking around Bordeaux in Birkenstocks and was so surprised how much better my feet felt afterwards! So silky smooth and refreshed. A good way to relax after a long day. I’ve brought more and pack them every time I go somewhere where I know I’ll be doing a lot of sightseeing.

If you’ve got a favourite product (or 5) I’d love to know what they are! Send me a DM so I can check them out too.

Heres to a Happy Skincare New Year! XO

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