Reflecting back on what could well be the biggest year in my life so far, 2018 has been nothing short of crazy! To wrap it up… lived in Wellington for 8 months, got engaged and married, trips around NZ, moved to France, done some overseas travel and are new parents to a fur baby! This year has flown past *classic but true clichĂ©* but it has been SO FUN and challenging and emotional and definitely the year I have grown a lot as a human (not in height, lol). So here it is, three things I am grateful for from 2018.


    I was lucky enough to marry my best friend this year. We sealed the deal with each other and we’re in it for life! It was such a dreamy (& windy) day and with the short time we had to plan it, we really wouldn’t of had it any other way. It was just before we moved overseas so to have all our loved ones in one room was so powerful to us!


    Self love seems to be all the rage pushed at us over social media lately and let me tell you, I ain’t short of it! I’ve been conscious about self love for a couple of years now and I’m lucky that it honestly comes pretty easy to me. I’m always quick to shut down a negative thought or judgement within myself and replace it with something positive. Maybe it was the way I was brought up, maybe its who I surround myself with or maybe its what I choose to listen too but I’m really happy that I’m strong-willed with this. It is a constant practice, you do have to be aware to pull yourself up on anything you wouldn’t say to someone else (so why say it to yourself?!) and at the end of the day its always going to be me, myself and I so I’d better be nice about it!


    The last 4 months of this year has been a rollercoaster of change for Ihaia and I with moving to the other side of the world for his job. BUT that has already come with amazing travel along the way! Before we moved, I’d never been to Europe so literally anything outside our door is eye opening for me. As well as a short stay in LA on the way, I’ve explored our new hometown of La Rochelle and visited Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes, Paris, Amsterdam and London. While living so far away from NZ has been a surprisingly hard adjustment, the travel aspect has been super fun and I feel extremely grateful that Ihaia has a job that allows us to see a lot of the world now. 

So thank you 2018, you’ve certainly been one to remember and for that, I am grateful! XO

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