Theres a difference between motivation and discipline.

Discipline = learned and practiced behaviour.
Motivation = fleeting emotion.

Discipline = to train by instruction & exercise.
Motivation = desire & motivation of willingness.

Discipline = something you choose to do. Verb.
Motivation = can come and go. Noun.

Discipline = I feel good after I get something done.
Motivation = I have to feel right to do something.

Discipline = key to success. 

I’m not usually one for new years resolutions but coming into 2021 with the learnings of 2020, I set myself a couple of intentions and I plan to use both motivation and discipline to help me stay on track.

[An intention offers focus and motivation. It helps you make better decisions and prioritize your time. Once you’re clear on what you want and where you’re headed, it’s easier to know what’s most important now].

Discipline is needed to make a habit and the habits you have are what makes your life. To create habits to stick too, add one or two a month as to not overwhelm yourself. Once you feel like what you’ve added into your life has stuck and become a habit, add another in if you need.

I often think of the saying thats around the lines of;
imagine where you’ll be this time next year if you just start today.
Thats where discipline kicks in. Maybe today you’re not feeling it, but think how good you’ll feel after you get it done and how that will impact you in a years time.

Put your goals or intentions into action steps and set deadlines to meet. Having steps in place and something to work towards will break down your main goal into smaller achievable tasks and gives you motivation along the way. You could also plan little rewards for yourself for reaching certain deadlines as that can work as motivation too.
[Goal plan / set deadlines / meet them / reward].
“An object in motion stays in motion”.

Lastly, words hold so much power. It manifests what happens on the outside so speak kindly to yourself. Stick around positive energy. Consume positive information. Its good to change to be a better person. 

!! Don’t sacrifice your goals for other peoples comfort !!

Happy 2021, smash out the year. Heres to more clarity and focus.

Discipline pushes you through when motivation is low.

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