I’ve made these treats each year for Pablos birthday and he and his doggo friends love them!
He’s a French Bulldog so has the most sensitive stomach and these treats stay down.
I bought the paw and bone cookie cutters and the silicone paw mould from Amazon and the personalised cookie cutters from Etsy. Just have a search on your local Amazon or Etsy and no doubt you’ll find lots of an options.
I don’t measure much, I just go off texture and how it looks.
The Frozen Paws and Pawnut Butter Cups keep well for up to a week in the freezer. The Potato Paws and Sticky Paws last a couple of days in the fridge.
Photos at the bottom of the page.

Potato Paws
-Paw & bone cookie cutters
-Sweet Potato x2
-Egg x1
Peel the sweet potato and bake until soft. Wait for the cooked potato to cool then add the egg and an amount of flour that makes it like a cookie dough texture.
Shake out some flour over the bench and roll out the mixture and use the cookie cutter to cut out some cookies and add them to a lined baking tray. Bake on 160degrees fan bake for 20ish minutes or until golden, keep an eye on them.

Frozen Paws
-Paw silicone mould
-Natural greek yoghurt [make sure it doesn’t include xylitol]
-Frozen blueberries
Blend the yoghurt & frozen blueberries together and then spoon/pour into the mould. You can add a frozen blueberry or 2 into the mixture if you want. Freeze overnight.
[I did many batches of these as the mould was small so I kept the mixture in the fridge, would wait until a batch was frozen and then pop them out, put them on a plate in the freezer and pour in some more mix to freeze and wait and the process repeats itself].

I also did a watermelon version of this that was just the same process but watermelon and yoghurt blended and frozen.
Be sure there are no seeds in the blender before you blend [harmful to dogs] and I also strained out the watermelon and yoghurt before pouring the smooth mixture into the ice tray.

Pawnut Butter Cups
-Ice tray
-Dog safe peanut butter [I bought some off Amazon or you could homemake some]
-Natural greek yoghurt [make sure it doesn’t include xylitol]
-Banana x1
-Carrot x2
Put the peanut butter, yoghurt and banana in the blender and blend. Pour mixture in an ice tray. Peel and cut carrots into the size needed and put in the middle of the ice tray mixture. Freeze.

Sticky Paws
-Cookie cutter
-Egg x1
-Banana x1
-Dog safe peanut butter
Use the blender to blend all the ingredients together. Coat hands and bench in flour to help the stickiness in the dough as you roll it out. Cookie cut, put on lined baking try and bake at 160degrees fan bake for around 20 minutes or until golden. Keep an eye on them.

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