Get cash out from wherever you’re leaving from and change it into Pesos to use throughout your stay in Mexico. Get double what you think you need so you don’t need to withdraw more while you’re there and be stuck with US$. Pesos will always work in your favour.

We booked a car in Cancun and drove it to Tulum, dropping it back at Cancun airport as we left. We didn’t actually sort a car before we got there. I had kind of thought of just getting one at the airport but we landed at night and just wanted to get to the hotel to eat and sleep. I wanted a Jeep and couldn’t find one online so Ihaia just went to a rental car company down the road from our Cancun hotel and they had one there that we rented for the week, easily.
Make sure to take photos of the car the day you get it and before you return it and follow the person that checks the car around both times too.

Remember to get a good reliable adaptor. Our friends hairdryer didn’t work in the plugs as it was probably over the voltage limit. We were rushed through the airport to board our flight and didn’t have time to get a good one so the one we bought from a pharmacy in Tulum was super slow at charging my phone and flimsy in the plug hole.

Cocobongo. Book a VIP table.

When you book at RoseNegra, Taboo or any restaurants in those chains, they’ll always ask you if you’re celebrating anything. Say yes and you’ll probably get free shots, or a free dessert and sparklers or something like that.

Pharmacies are pretty limitless from what we saw in Cancun and Tulum. Tramadol, sleepers, otherwise prescribed skincare etc. Shop around for the best price and deals.

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