Portara Seaside Luxury Suites. Easy walking distance from the port where the ferry comes in, the “main” part of town with the restaurants and shops and the sunset spot up at the Apollo Temple.
Communication with the host was easy and she was really nice. We had to stay an extra night there as Ihaia came down with a stomach bug and it was organised to stay in the same room without a problem.
The area we stayed in was called Chora and I’d recommend staying here to be close to it all.

Apostolis. Cute restaurant under lanterns with big portions and good food. Make a reservation to be sure to get a seat!
Meze2 on the port. Huge portion sizes and a delicious free dessert that was a local dish of candied carrot and greek yoghurt.
Like Home. Good cocktails and sushi. Owned by the same people as our accomodation.

Rent an ATV.
Watch the sunrise and/or sunset from the Apollo Temple. A must do! So stunning! Great view over the ocean and back on the port of Naxos too.
Plaka Beach. My maps had trouble finding it and where we ended up was a bit average but I think we were in the wrong place… if someone goes there, let me know how it was!
Hawaii beach / Alyko beach and surrounding beaches on the South West of the island. Theres an abandoned hotel in the middle of the beaches thats cool and spooky to walk through. Lots of different coves, rocky beaches and sand beaches in the area to choose from. Can easily beach hop around the beaches for the day. We visited 2 of them but theres like 4+ around. Theres also a food truck on the road leading to the parking that we got lunch from which was good.
Book a boat day. We booked a day out on a catamaran for 130euro each for 8 hours. Food and drinks provided with 2 swimming stops. The wind took us to Paros for a few hours but thats ok seem we loved it so much there. We had snacks, lunch and drinks on the boat and swam in some lovely water. I can’t remember the company but there are lots of companies advertising on the port so I grabbed a pamphlet and booked through the website.

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