This summer we spent a week in the south of France, landing in Nice and flying out from Marseille and stopping in between.


Le Meridien, Nice. We wanted to stay in a standard chain hotel that had everything we needed for some ease and comfort after coming from our AirBnB in Crete. We enjoyed our stay, our room faced the ocean and was so nice looking out. Parking building was attached to the hotel. Close to walk to the beach, markets, shops and restaurants.

We actually just had UberEats for our two dinners here for ease and because, tired.
Margaux for a classic French breakfast, people watching from the terrace.
Waka Bar, New Zealand owned.

Marche Aux Fleurs de Nice.
Swim in the ocean.
Wander around the shops and markets.
Day trip to Menton, the last French village before Italy. Really beautiful colourful town with 2 beaches. Look back on the town from the beach for some great photos. Wanted to get lunch at Little Bao here but we they were closed.
We stopped in Cannes on our way out of Nice but I didn’t rate it too much. We had lunch at a vegan place called Novaa that was ok.


Hotel Bor. They only had 1 type of room still available when we booked last minute and it was super small and hot, didn’t like the room but liked the location of this hotel. Right on the water where you can swim. Buffet breakfast was basic but ok. The hotel had parking that was always full but they took our keys and made it work.

Brunch at Savage Cafe. Great food and drinks! Smoothie bowls, pancakes, iced coffee etc.
Lots of food options around the Hyeres Port. We had dinner with friends at Mojito Cafe.

Day trip to Ile de Porquerolles. Caught the ferry over, about a 20 minute ride. You can only bike or walk around the island and its such a beautiful little place! We hired bikes [although now I’d recommend electric bikes for the hills] and biked around to a few beaches before stopping for lunch on the port and then heading into the small village to have an ice cream and look around. Theres more restaurants in the ville that I wish we’d eaten at, lots of fruit stalls and a convenience store. I think you should stop at this Ville before you set out on your bike for the day to stock up on drinks and snacks for the beach. I’d recommend Plage Notre Dame for a photo spot down the wooden steps but keep biking right around to enjoy more secluded beaches with less debris. Its easy to find great spots all around the island.
Day trip to Cassis. Wander around the port and markets. Stop for a meal and ice cream.


Maisons du Monde Hotel. Maisons du Monde is a homeware store here in France and now they’ve got a few hotels as well! Great marketing honestly as everything in the room was of brand and made me want to look it up and buy it, ha! The hotel was nice and clean, very central on the port of Marseille and the room was a good size, very comfortable.


Brunch at La Fiancee.
Lunch or dinner at Peron. Fine dining with a view, right on the water.


Get the Petit Train up to the Notre Dame de la Garde, which gives you an amazing 360 view over the city. It also drives along the coast which is nice.
Explore the Calanques. We didn’t this time but you best believe 2022, I’m getting there! Google the Calanques around Marseille. Lots of hikes, swimming spots, boats etc. A French summer dream.

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