Since making the first move in 2015 from Wellington where I’d lived for 21 years to Auckland, Ihaia and I have moved another 6 times from then to now. We have moved between Auckland, Hawkes Bay and Wellington for Ihaia’s job. As much of a mission it is to pack up and move twice a year, there are too many aspects that I love about it to complain. Starting this blog has me thinking back on the past 4 years, everything that we’ve achieved and overcome, all the celebrations and set backs, what we’ve seen, people we’ve met, what I’ve done and become as an individual and I legit get teary!!

I’ve been thinking of how I stay “settled” during these times and have come up with a few things I know I rely on.

  • Routine.

There is nothing more settling then having a routine in place and this is usually in exercise form for me. Finding a gym thats close and running route I enjoy can set me up with a great start to the day. Whether its going for a run before breakfast, some unpacking and a visit to K-Mart (again) for something else that we “need” for our new place or whether its the gym in the morning before work, I like to plan my day around what exercise I’m doing. Exercising can release some of the stress and anxiety of organising a move or being on the other side and getting used to new surroundings. I’ve also made some really good friends from meeting them at the gym so can help with being sociable in a new place too.

  • Keep doing things I love.

Ihaia and I love a meal out so finding new food places in the cities we’re in is fun for us! We also love a good view and some airplane watching, so we’re often driving around and finding spots to park up and enjoy a sunrise or sunset. Getting out and about and exploring is always fun, new Gram opportunities and reasons to get out of the apartment. We’ve been spoilt for choice where we’ve found new walks, waterfalls, beaches or markets. Finding time to explore makes moving exciting.

  • Keep your closest, close.

One of the reasons I love moving is the amount of people I get to meet! From the people in new jobs and new gyms to the rugby partners, there are new friendships being built all the time. However since moving, I have kept some best friends from home. Some have now moved from Wellington too but when you move it is true what they say, you find out who your real friends are! I’m lucky to have a couple of gals (& my mum) who are my thick and thin, who are still part of my every day life no matter how far apart we are. These women have been so important to me since I’ve left home, through all the crazy that happens they are still only a message or plane flight away. You need your people who’ve been there in your past, who roots for your future and who you can talk to at anytime. I’ve got all the time in the world for them and that won’t change. Day ones! But don’t even get me started on the friends I’ve made since moving from home, the love for them deserves a paragraph of their own!

Throughout all the times we’ve moved, I’ve become more and more consciously aware to fully immerse myself in where I am. There is no time like the present! Home will always be there. You’re lucky to have these opportunities. There is always more to explore. You will always find something else. Whatever that else is that you’re wanting, needing or missing.


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