I am Dannielle Grace West and I’m going to give this blogging thing a go.

I’m a twenty-something year old currently living in France. I’m married to Ihaia and we’ve been moving between Auckland, Hawkes Bay, Wellington and now France for his job of playing professional rugby. I’ve loved moving, living in different places, meeting so many new people and making life long friends, getting experience in plenty of job roles and being able to support Ihaia has been an amazing journey. I have a close circle of gals I call BEST FRIENDS, I love them with all my heart and would move mountains for them. Same with my close circle of family, I’m super obsessed with my babe of a mum and baby sister. I love travelling but hate flying, love exercising but have an equal love for sweet treats and I will continue to exercise to balance that out *no judge*, a serious love for great pictures and I am so excited to share my square of life with you!

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a couple of months and am planning to use this platform to share what I’m doing, where I am and my experiences and opinions on all sorts of different things. I love getting opinions and recommendations from others and thought this would be a great way to continue to reach out.

Warning – these posts are not proof read so just take what you can from my future posts 🙂 🙂

Talk soon x

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