Getting myself ready to sleep is the second favourite part of my day! First is getting up at stupid o’clock to exercise, no joke.

I’ve always been an amazing sleeper lol, no issues falling asleep and I seriously need my full 8 hours to function the next day. However I started working at a gym last year in Auckland where the hours were split into two shifts. The first shift had me up at 4.30am and the last shift finished at around 8pm. It was me and another full time person working so we’d split the two shifts between us and at least once a week we’d both have a day where we’d do the second shift followed by the first shift the morning after. This is where my sleeping pattern started faltering with the different than normal 9-5pm office hours.

I started trying out things to put myself to sleep by 9pm before the morning shift so I’ll list them below and how they went for me –

  • Healtheries Sleep Tea ( I had a cup of this 30mins before getting into bed. I feel like this had a small effect, but still an effect none the less! However after drinking a cup of tea before bed it had me getting up in the middle of the night for the toilet which is always annoying. 3/10.
  • Healtheries Easy Sleep Tablets ( I took one of these 30mins before getting into bed. These definitely worked! I could feel myself getting noticeably more sleepy within that 30mins and got a good sleep. I don’t use them often anymore but I remember them being great while they lasted. 5/10.
  • Electric Essential Oil Diffuser (this one in white – I used it with a lavender oil also from Aroma Sense and when that ran out, I brought “Dream Time” by Absolute Essential. Both of these oils work like magic and completely knock me out! I turn on the diffuser sometime before I get into bed so it fills up the room and turn it off before I fall asleep. 10/10.
  • Shakti Mat Original ( I loveeee my Shakti! It took awhile to get into routine of using it but once your using it a couple of times a week to every night, your body thanks you for it! It releases the stress and tension in your body which I think sets up a really relaxing sleep. 8/10 (only an 8 as you do have to put in an effort to use it).
  • Wellington Apothecary Sleep Roller 10ml ( I brought this from Tea Pea in Wellington just a couple of days ago and have only used it once. You roll this onto your pulse points before getting into bed. I’m going to use this when I travel as its super small and easy to use. The scent is strong which is great so I feel like I can give it a 6/10 from only one use!
  • Kindle. I have the Paperwhite 3 with a back light (side lit so the blue light reflects on the screen, not your eyes) to read in the dark when settling down. Always a good way to relax and makes me sleepy when reading it in the dark, on top of my Shakti with the diffuser going. Bliss. 10/10.

Since getting back into a 9-5 job in Wellington this year, I’ve still practiced winding down at night time for a good sleep and sticking to what works for me. Sleep is always preached as super important for our body and mind so I’ve got zero issues working on that!

SO – let me run you through my ULTIMATE night in getting myself ready to sleep!! If there are fresh sheets on the bed, lucky me! Comfort automatically goes up by 10. Night time shower. Great PJ’s, I’ve just brought some new Peter Alexander’s and I am abboouuttt it! I start my diffuser with the dream time essential oil then do my full skin care routine. I use the Environ range and start with oil to remove my make up, cleanser, Mask of Magnaminty face mask from Lush and finish with the Environ moisturiser. I then roll out the Shakti in bed and lay on that for at least 20minutes while reading my Kindle, breathing in the diffuser air around me. I think the diffuser and Shakti combo is golden, as soon as I lay on that with the oils in the air my body is like “thank you, good night”. Guys seriously maybe it sounds like a lot of work BUT ITS NOT ITS ABSOLUTE BLISS! Take 40mins out for YOU at night time, practise some self love and give yourself a bloody great sleep.

If I’m running low on time and just want to get straight into bed I just turn on the diffuser, skin care routine with no face mask and sometimes finish with Rose Quartz roller using Tribeca Complexion Oil. Having clean skin feels so good getting into bed!

If you have any favourite sleep hacks/things that work for you, please let me know! I’m a bit obsessed with falling asleep, obviously. If you do have trouble sleeping, hopefully you came across something you haven’t tried before that helps!

Until next time, sleep tight! XXX


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  1. Yesssss a sleep time routine is essential!! I love the healtheries sleepy tea but 10/10 pain in the ass having to get up in the middle of the night to pee. I’m going to invest in the diffuser cos I’ve been struggling to find one in Welly! I also like to rub this lavender balm I have (from iHerb) behind my ears before I go to sleep! Thanks for sharing your tips gal x

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